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ka-phc pinaz Ito po ay forum para sa mga maker ehi guides And maker Securely to all sniffers At gumagawa ng kabulastugan MA's secure ito website para sa pilipino Into ay pilipino version forum Sumunod lagi sa rules thank you! Ka-phcpinaz


ito ay laro dito sa ating website

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Posting guidelines Empty Posting guidelines

on Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:04 pm

Creating New Threads

For the most part, this should be common sense, but in case it's not...

  • Start threads in the most relevant forum category/section.
  • Don't create empty posts that contain nothing but a link (if you are going to link to a news article for example, give a summary of it in your own words). 
    Be careful when linking to sites you are affiliates with, as it may cross the lines into self-promotion/spamming.
  • Don't post personal attacks against other members. Take up whatever your issue you have with them privately.
  • Search before you post a new thread, because there's a good chance someone already posted it. We don't need 50 threads with the same topic... One is enough.


This also should be common sense, but some of the things people like to try and do that isn't allowed...

  • Don't post in threads just to "bump" them to the top of the list of threads.
  • Don't post things that have no relevance to anyone other than who you are replying to (for example posting "PM Sent" or something along those lines) is not necessary. 
    If you really want to let someone know you sent them a private message, tell them in an extra private message to them.
  • Don't mask your links with a URL that redirects the user. If you want to link to something, link to the actual page. This includes affiliate links.

Posting of YouTube Link

  • Is only LIMITED TO entertainment contents such us music videos, movies, movie clips and the likes.
  • Posting of youtube links containing instructional/tutorial videos are considered advertisement and so should be avoided or your thread will be deleted or closed and you will be warned. 
    Do this in succession and you will be banned.

Warning about Configuration Sniffing

  • If you wish to "sniff" the contents of a locked configuration shared by other members, then by all means KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES.
    Post it in any part of PHC and your account will be banned instantly and permanently. 
    Same goes to anyone who reveals the contents of spoilers in threads shared by members. 

Do Not Create Reservation Threads

They are considered as spam. 
Such threads will be deleted or closed instantly without further explanation or notice and you may be warned for spamming. 
Examples of reservation threads:

  • May niluluto ako bagong config, abangan n'yo lang. I-post ko rin to kapag gumana na.
  • May bago ako halimaw na config, i-share ko sa inyo kapag umabot na sa 10 pages itong mga comments dito.
  • Freenet na malupit, ilatag ko kapag naka 1000 likes na ako.

Threads / Post / Profile Comments / Conversation / Shoutbox Rules

  • All messages should be posted in English and Filipino only.
  • You are not allowed to post referral, commission, or affiliate links in the forum.
  • Before you create a new thread, make sure that you have searched the forum to avoid double posting.
  • Posting in SMS format / text message / jejemon style posts must be avoided.
  • Spamming, double posting, flooding are not allowed.
  • Discriminating, chatting in forums, off topic posts are not allowed.
  • Please be polite, rudeness will not be tolerated.
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